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RED C is the most frequently published and respected political pollster in Ireland. We publish political tracking polls for our key client The Sunday Business Post on a monthly basis, as well as conducting polls for other media sources, betting groups, political parties and candidates.

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Government Parties End Year On A High

Everything appears to be going to plan for the Government parties as we come to the end of the year.  The highest joint first preference share for the current coalition…

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Longer Term Trends Positive for Fine Gael – SBP Poll Nov 15

At face value this poll shows a relatively stable political landscape, with no significant movement for any party, and all the month on month moves within the margin of error….

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Longer term decline for Sinn Fein, benefits government parties

The start of this new session of the Dail, will be focusing attention for politicians that an election is not far away. While we don’t know exactly when that General…

Political Poll

Is growth of independents and new parties sustainable at the general election?

Just over a week after the announcement of a new left wing political party in Ireland, the Social Democrats, and the impact on first preference support is already evident. Independent/other…

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Labour suffers post referendum hangover

It’s just over a month since the marriage referendum, and already the landscape of political support is changing. Government parties had noticed significant gains in support in the run up…

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Marriage referendum looks likely to be passed

Our final poll before the Same Sex Marriage Referendum suggests that the vote will be passed, albeit by a smaller margin than we had seen earlier in the campaign. The…