Fianna Fáil most popular party

Published by: Ciara Regan


Little change evident in this poll versus the last one conducted by RED C in early July with a  consistent story remaining. Fianna Fáil (28%) have made significant ground since the election held earlier this year, and with a jump ahead of Fine Gael (27%) are the most popular party in the country at the moment. While the margin is very tight the consistency across numerous polls recently is clear. Fianna Fáil have managed to regain trust among the voter and are very much shaking the negative attribution received throughout recession period. Following a period of trending declines for Independent candidates, they have recovered slightly into double digits (10%), however remain some way off support received earlier this year. Independent Alliance (5%) have made no growth. Labour show the most negative story with  first preference share of almost half that received at the election, now standing at 4% (-2%) – however with the party under new leadership, but a quiet summer, this may change once the Dáil returns after its lengthy 3 month break. Sinn Féin (15%) have also made a slight recovery from early July, however remain relatively in line with election results. Smaller parties have made little gains and all in line with election results.

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Paddy Power 29th July 2016 Poll Report