RED EXPRESS from RED C is a high speed telephone omnibus service. It provides a fast, accurate and economical way to reach your target market. Every 2 weeks we conduct a national sample of 1,000 adults aged 18+ by telephone. Fieldwork is conducted between Monday and Wednesday of the week in question, with results available on Thursday.



A random digit dial method is used to ensure ex-directory households are included. The sample is controlled to ensure that it is 100% representative of the national population based on sex, age, social grade and region.


The RED Express is designed with a high level statistical accuracy. Our sample size of 1,000 interviews provides a standard error of + or – 3% at a 95% confidence interval. The RED Express has an impressive track record of accuracy; being used to conduct all of our political polls. This approach has been shown to produce some of the most accurate polling in Ireland. This was demonstrated by the Recall Poll conducted by RED C for RTÉ at the last Presidential election, with the final results predicted to an average error rating of just 0.7%.


The RED Express currently runs fortnightly with interviewing completed between Monday and Wednesday with topline results available the next day. We can also provide a fully charted presentation within just one week. This is a major advantage of using the RED Express, particularly when compared with slower face to face omnibus services where results are often not received for three to four weeks after fieldwork completion.

Download our RED Express brochure and schedule by clicking the link below:

RED Express Brochure 2020