Our RED Eye product is an online tool for obtaining real-time qualitative verbatim feedback on a particular issue or topic.


RED C initially sends out an invite to a sample that matches the relevant target group of interest. Using our RED C Live online panel of 40k+ active members, we can pinpoint the right people for you.

Participants are directed to a community portal, allowing them to give us feedback on the specific topic in question. This can be in response to a piece of stimulus (such as advertising) or a new product idea, both of which can be shown to respondents prior to evaluative feedback. A RED EYE project will include a series of five open-ended questions to which participants provide in-depth verbatim responses that cover the range of questions asked.

Between 75 and 200 eligible respondents typically take part, but this can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Results are delivered within a matter of days, allowing for rapid in-depth feedback.


RED EYE is ideally placed to assist with most qualitative applications, however many of our RED EYE projects have been conducted in the following areas:

  • Advertising Pre-Testing and Concept Development
  • Product Proposition Development
  • Passions and Sponsorship Understanding
  • ‘Big Issue’ attitudinal response
  • Behavioural Understanding

We are effectively collecting direct feedback in response to your questions, but more importantly we are gathering invaluable consumer stories to provide you with a much deeper understanding of the issue at hand.


Once our RED EYE target sample has been reached and feedback received, we will provide you with verbatim feedback the next day. Generally, assignments take just 3-4 days to deliver verbatim responses. Two days after this we will compile an analysis and a short report of these responses to identify key emerging themes and highlight selected verbatim comments.

While RED EYE is not a replacement for the depth you get from a set of group discussions – it allows a maximum inclusion of 5-6 questions on one clear topic – it does provide quick, robust, qualitative consumer feedback on your key marketing issues in a highly cost effective way.

Download our RED EYE brochure below by clicking the link.

RED Eye Brochure