RED Phoenix

A Research Framework for Developing the New Covid-19 Customer Journey

Understanding the new COVID-19 customer journey will be critical to future business success.  COVID-19 has led to fundamental changes to the customer journey.  RED Phoenix provides organisations with a framework to fully understand new government, consumer, and employee needs.

Navigating the vast number of changes that business managers are faced with can be daunting. RED C has developed a framework to assist in understanding the changes which impact the customer journey.

This is a four phased approach:

Phase 1: Government/Industry Bodies
It starts with immersion into new Government regulations and guidelines, industry body advice and the business itself to understand the challenges faced.

Phase 2: Customer Needs
Only then can we embark on researching consumers.  Understanding the customers changed needs and expectations across the journey is done using quantitative and qualitative techniques to unearth at each touchpoint:

  • The level of concern the customer may have
  • What their expectations are of the brand
  • How they may change their behaviour


Phase 3: Staff Needs
Frontline staff and back room procedures are also paramount in the COVID-19 journey plan and evaluating employee concerns and their expected behaviours of customers at specific touchpoints provides an additional layer of understanding.

We complement the evaluation with emotional measures to identify the connections customers have to the experience.

Finally, layering through the research, Behavioural Economic Theory, using Implicit Response Testing and Nudge Hypothesis Testing, where relevant, to understand how these influence customers.

Phase 4: Revised Journey Map
The final output is a COVID-19 specific review of your customer journey outlining changes in actions, thoughts, emotions and needs at each touchpoint. A one-page COVID-19 customer journey allowing all stakeholders to understand the new requirements to allow your brand to survive and thrive.

To rise and regenerate as the Phoenix does is key to business success during these extraordinary times.

An Introduction to RED Phoenix