SBP poll results March 2012 – EU Treaty support 60%

Published by: Richard Colwell


Voting Intention

The big change in today’s Sunday Business Post/ RED C poll, taken before the findings of the Mahon Tribunal were announced and conducted just three weeks since the last poll, is the strong gains seen for Fine Gael.

It appears that a few weeks of relatively good news stories surrounding the deferral of the bailout payment, positive noises about the economy in general and St Patricks day events has led some voters to return to the party.  Fine Gael secure 34% of the first preference votes in today’s poll, a rise in support of 4% in just three weeks.

EU Treaty

More good news for the government parties is the fact that the EU Treaty referendum still appears to be relatively well placed to be passed at this stage, if not completely secure.  The main change in voter attitudes in today’s poll appears to be that more voters have made up their mind how they thing they will vote, with the undecided voters down from 1 in 4 three weeks ago to closer to 1 in 5 in today.

In total 60% of those likely to vote say they will vote Yes in support of the Treaty.

Download the full report below:-

SBP 25th Mar 2012 Poll Report