Online Research

RED C use a variety of different online survey techniques to reach different consumers.

RED C’s own online panel was launched in February 2010 and has over 40,000 panel members. Deliberative action is taken to recruit older and outside Dublin panellists, who are traditionally underrepresented in online research panels so as to ensure a broad demographic spread of panel members.

Panel engagement is assured by the look and feel of our online surveys. RED C utilise HTML 5 technology to ensure that the research is both engaging, and professional and works on all devices. This professional look is important and therefore is a key consideration in all of our surveys.

Much of our commercial general public tracking has now moved online as the online approach has become more accurate and easier to manage to ensure a representative sample.

We use a range of quality controls to ensure that our online approach is representative an accurate including, pre-screening, interlocking quotas, fair reward, logic traps and time delays.

We can also use our online survey platform to  conduct research among an audience where leads can be supplied by the client.