About RED C Research

RED C is Ireland’s premier provider of research-based consultancy services.  Founded in 2003, we provide high quality research based consultancy services to both blue chip and up and coming businesses across Ireland, the UK and Worldwide.


We are a fresh, dynamic organisation whose work is rooted in sound statistical science, behavioural observation and listening to the consumer.  At the core of our business is the gathering and analysis of behaviour, to provide clear insights to our customers, in an ever-changing world.

A ruthless focus on quality, innovation and an unbeatable team, has seen RED C grow ahead of the market over recent years.  With no debt and positive growth, the company has a strong financial platform to continue to recruit the best talent and fund innovation in products and service offering, so providing the best level of service for our customers in the years ahead.

As an independent Irish company, owned by the senior Directors that run the business, we are also able to react quickly to business conditions and ensure that our mission clearly meets the needs of our customers in the local market.

At RED C we have built an unbeatable team of staff covering all areas of the business, with the perfect balance of creativity and experience.   At client service level we have a team of senior Directors with an enviable level of experience across the research consultancy business, this is complimented by a dedicated and highly experienced executive team.

We also have people of the highest quality and experience managing the operations side of the business, with experienced fieldwork and quality managers across face to face, telephone and online approaches, plus a strong team of data processing experts, statistical advisors and data visualisation managers.

This ensures we can provide the best levels of service throughout the projects we run, from the quality of each individual interview or survey, to the detail and expertise in analysing the findings, and clearly telling the story that is uncovered from the information we collect.

RED C are members of  AIMRO (Association of Irish Market Research Organisations), ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research) and the MRS (Market Research Society) and abide by the professional guidelines for conducting high quality research and polling set out by all these organisations.

ESOMAR Corporate Membership Information